nsfw doesn’t mean “sexual” it means “not safe for work” meaning “It can get you in trouble if it comes up on your screen at work” 

so stop trying to make a political statement by not listing nudity as nsfw, which it is, and actually be considerate for people who don’t want to get fucking fired because their boss sees them scrolling past nude images on their screen.



But here’s the thing:

This argument actually came from people complaining certain bloggers didn’t tag breasts as NSFW because they don’t consider it nudity (which, is completely understandable seeing as there’s squat difference between breasts belonging to any gender besides some may be better at feeding children).

So it’s not so much as “nudity isn’t sexual!” but more so “this kind of breast is no different than this kind of breast other than we were raised to believe they are because of sexist views in our society and I refuse to add to that by tagging it as nsfw if the other kind of breast isn’t considered nudity”

U feel.