ffxiv fandom is in shambles bc they were running a raffle for (reserved) fanfest tickets, but like fuckin no one got them, probably due to the fact someone reached out to discover the total number of tickets is 15000 – meaning, that since every raffle winner got two tickets guaranteed, only 7500 people won. total. brother, i have been in queues to get in the game longer than 7500 people.

People are defending the 15k attendees amount and I have no idea how to tell them, with my 20+ years of going-to-cons experiences, that 15k attendees is a chump number that cons with backing laugh at. ACen has 40k people yearly. Fanime gets 34k. Blizzcon gets 40k. With the location they picked and the amount of people that play NA, I expected at least 30k tickets, if not 50k.

Wait wait. 15,000 attendees? That’s TINY. Dragon*Con has something like 80,000 attendees and of other things hosted in Vegas, DEFCON has 25,000 (and was ONLY cash at the door until 2021) and CES has 150,000.

oh its the LVCC so it’s a LOT bigger than 15,000