We warned you this is where this is going.

I cannot stress enough that this is NOT exaggeration they are calling for the complete abolition of trans people. And you may go “haha well. Thats just West Virginia” which first of all, fuck you for downplaying the struggle of trans people in a place just because you dont live there, and second of all its not just west virginia. This is the goal of all republican regimes across the country.

If you are not fighting against republicans with every fiber of your being at this point you are not a trans ally. If you tolerate the republicans in your family without challenging their ideas about trans people you are not a trans ally. Fight for us goddamnit or we will be culled and our blood will be on your fucking hands.

Yeah, so, fun fact:

If this goes through, even if it has a lot of resistance it’ll be used as both the precedent and blueprint in every state they have power.

And if the “just give up and don’t vote left/at all” people get their way, it’ll become national law.

In a First Past The Post system, you have to vote for the lesser evil candidate or you get the most evil candidate. It’s that simple.

Don’t fall prey to the right-wing propaganda / leftist infighting that tells you not to vote for Biden/Democrats. Dems are the lesser evil and the greater evil must be stopped at all costs.

Exactly, voting is not a popularity contest.

In a FPTP (First Past The Post) system? You don’t vote for the guy you like. You vote for the candidate that is *viable* (actually able to get elected, so they can get things done) and then closest to the policies you like. And you do this *every time.*

This is how the GOP has gotten from Reagan to gestures vaguely What we have now.

There is a caveat: You can vote strategically in a primary. If you live in an open primary state, sometimes it makes sense to vote for a less horrible republican. Not every time, but I voted in a republican primary to try to resist W., for example.

Otherwise, vote your heart in a primary and your head in the general. you can push the more establishment candidate further left if a more progressive candidate has a strong showing. EX: Sanders and Warren doing so well in the 2020 primary pushed Biden’s policies and the party platform further left. He never would have tried to abolish student debt, for example. (Republicans and the Supreme Court stopped him from abolishing all of it, but he keeps finding work arounds that have freed millions of people. He was initially against it.)

When it gets to November though? No fucking around. A shitty centrist Democrat we can pressure is always better than a Republican who wants us dead.

Yes it sucks, but I have to be pragmatic when it’s life or death. I can’t play ideological purity games with things like freedom, human rights, and the future.