Stardew Valley Curse AU

Been playing with an AU based on my recent modded SDV experience and wanted to work on Gaius’s design.

-The curse is tied to the family farmland – It’s a ‘Blessing of the Land’ from the forest spirits that improves plant growth and health, and bestows the ‘land’s keeper’ with great strength and endurance. Unfortunately how this manifests is not appreciated by humans.

-Gaius’s grandfather also dealt with the Curse in his youth – His version gave him features like a bear – massive paws, furry ears and shaggy hair everywhere. Lewis was one of his close friends during that time, which is why the grandfather sends Gaius to him for help.

-Gaius had to leave his apartment with a large duffel bag full of whatever clothes he could salvage. Unfortunately most of his pants don’t fit anymore due to his hind quarters having bulked up to accommodate a digitigrade type posture.

-He threw on the biggest, bulkiest clothes he could find, but the horns make even a hoodie incredibly awkward to wear. He managed to shove his hooves into some boots and stuffed the extra space around them with rolled up socks, but he has to shuffle to avoid them falling off while walking. Stairs are his ultimate nemesis in this outfit. Getting on and off the bus was an ordeal.

-Lewis briefed Robin on the situation prior to their meeting, but Robin can’t help staring at the poor guy, though she tries to hide it. For one – he’s so BIG. He easily towers over the other villagers. And two, those ears and that tail keep twitching and moving, seemingly unintentionally, and it’s distracting.

Gaius definitely notices the weird looks he gets and is struggling with feeling self-conscious about it all. Despite any previous warnings about their ‘strange new neighbor,’ first meetings with many of the villagers are tense.