Actually I had another poll idea so never mind THIS is the last one for the day

A bored deity has decided they want to replace your bottom half with that of an animal. They kindly give you some options to choose from. You decide you want your bottom half to be…

A fish tail (includes whales, even though they’re not fish)

A snake tail (you can choose to have a rattlesnake rattle too) (eels inckuded)

A crab (no claws though, since that’s upper half)

A horse (like a centaur)

A lion (like a sphinx)

An octopus/squid

A snail/slug

A praying mantis (includes wings, but not claws)

Still human, but skeletal

A tree (you can still move, the roots are like tentacles)

A small tornado

A spider (you can make webs)

Sorry for the weird choices, I wanted to be a bit more creative with this one and I’m also pretty tired. Have fun! Also, reblog with the option you choice and why if you want, it’s fun to see people’s reasons and choices (and of course it gives the poll a larger sample size).