i am totally going to come across as a boomer in this post but as an engineer it’s common sense to not build systems with a single point of failure. and i’m starting to realize that our usage of the smart phone is exactly that. a single point of failure. the calling/texting is the implied function of the smartphone, which is fine. that’s what it’s built for. but nowadays we don’t think to keep a physical map or atlas or gps unit in our car because our phone has google maps. we don’t keep address books anymore because it’s all stored in our contacts. i serve customers who no longer carry a wallet/physical card because it’s all on their phone. this is literally a single point of failure. if you lose or break your phone when you are in a foreign place you are fucking screwed. maybe you’re still screwed even in your home town because so many people have become accustomed to using a smart phone to take them anywhere.