I don’t mean to be another one of “those guys” but – the cinematic said “35 years ago” so… we ARE going back in time, yeah? I thought only Garrosh/Kairoz/etc went back in time to make their little AU and we went into that “present” AU but.



I made a thing to hopefully…

ok that. makes sense. Before the cinematic I knew about the diverging timelines but then???? 35 years ago??? *holds head in hands*

I’m just getting confused b/c Blizzard keeps saying “IT ISN’T A TIME TRAVELING EXPANSION I PROMISE!!” when…. it… kind of is…

We’re going back in time, but the time travel is just a means to an end. The new Dark Portal acts and functions like the old one, it just happens to connect Azeroth of now with Draenor of ~35 years ago (give or take.) 

It’s like in Dr. Who: Yeah the TARDIS can travel through time, but most of the time they exit the TARDIS at the beginning and get back in in the end. The Dark Portal works the exact same way.