I am so pleased with the response to the Leon/dark skinned elf debacle that I will doodle FOR FREE your dark skinned WoW character YES YOU

AND I DONT MEAN LIKE dark furred tauren or purple goats or spraytANS i mean ACTUAL DARK SKINNED HUMANOID CHARS like… ETHNICALLY DARKER not just nice tan although nothin wrong with a damn nice tan rofl 

THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR THIS yet lol but if you have multiple chars PICK 1 and send me a note with me these things:

  1. nAME
  2. armory or enough ref to show me their hair/face
  3. super brief personality description so i can draw an appropriate expression for them

i will doodle somethin small of them — jsut drawin civilan clothes no armor, maybe it will just be a head lol but yeah SOMETHIN

there’s no deadline for this so if you’re making a new dark skinned character RIGHT NOW after BROWNELFGATE2k14 PLEASE TAKE YER TIME make somethin you legit like and i will make the doodles 4u because dark skinned characters are super important and I want to show everyone