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Ok but in your relationship, which one of you is the Cho and which one of you is the Gall?

Blizzard released some background information on Rehgar Earthfury

  • After Bloodeye’s death, Rehgar set out to find a replacement for his team. He later discovered an amnesiac human on the coast of Durotar, and enslaved him as a gladiator.
  • The human had killed a crocolisk in self-defence when Rehgar’s group came across him, and so Rehgar jokingly nicknamed the man “Croc-Bait”. In time, he would be dubbed “Lo’Gosh” by the spectators of Dire Maul, before it was later revealed that the human was actually Varian Wrynn, the King of Stormwind.
  • Rehgar and Garrosh frequently butted heads. Rehgar wanted to remain open to diplomacy with the Alliance and conserve their treaty of non-aggression with Theramore.

While I’ve known about the first point

the last point just leaves me with the thought:

What the shit