Tev is one of the coolest DK’s ever, I almost consider him canon lol. Somehow he manages to be a tall, smug asshole without being an unlikeable macho dude. I’m sure a lot of DK’s secretly admire him – mine sure do. <3 It's great to see that people don't let the DK hate get to them, on german Servers it's difficult to rp a DK, even if you strictly follow the lore… many players will just ignore or even insult you u__u they say DKs are too powerful and should not be rp'd. So frustrating.

Thank you! I think it’s because what Tev really enjoys is just being completely ridiculous, and so the fact that he’s smug is kind of a secondary effect. Personally I think lore-wise DKs are as ridiculous as Blizzard made them originally (and then some, especially with what’s happening in Legion.) For me though, the interesting part of RP is having a walking death machine deal with things that aren’t solved with combat.