What’s the weirdest bit of Star Trek trivia that you know?

Gene Roddenberry kept spirk fan fiction on his bookshelf

Oh god, where should I begin…

Takei pierced Shatner’s nipple while fencing like crazy, he also got around the set poking everyone’s butt cheeks, almost got in a fist fight because of it (according to Shatner)

There’s an audio interview between Roddenberry and Sarek (Mark Lenard in character), where Roddenberry doesn’t even blink before asking about Sarek’s sex life with Amanda.

James Doohan lost a finger during WW2

DS9 writers managed to write Nana Visitor’s (Kira) pregnancy into an episode. The father is Alexander Siddig (Bashir). The kid name is Django (if I’m not mistaken), and he’s handsome like his father.

In some interviews, Andrew Robinson (Garak) made clear he was 190% gay for Siddig

During the first TOS season, Roddenberry was married to a woman called Eileen… Nichelle Nichols and Majel Barret were his side chicks (rumor), when Nichelle found out about it, she left him and almost left the series as well.

The first interracial kiss was supposed to be between Nichelle Nichols and Leonard Nimoy, but, beside the fact that some folks thought that impact would be better if she kissed a human character, Shatner called dibs on her kiss (according to Ms.Nichols)

One day, the makeup team put Vulcan ears on Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam. They filmed and even put a photo in a newspaper, its adorable.

Rumor says that Shatner and Nimoy used to occasionally find some Spirk fanzines and showed their finds to each other.


AND THIS! (and the several gifs I have of Shatner kissing Nimoy, but I’m running out of room)

Nimoy got stuck in a garbage can and needed rescuing

But my favorite least known fact is that the gold command uniforms were not gold, but green. A mix of the fabric, the stage lighting and the color bias of the film made them appear gold but in real life they’re very much green. That’s why the wrap and dress uniform are green. Here’s the original comics where the uniform is actually pictured true to color, and info from explaining why the color shift happened

This is awesome!

Star Trek Voyager’s first three seasons being disappointing got Obama elected.

No, really. So the show wasn’t working, the soft reboot after season 2 helped, but for season 4 they decided to kill off Harry Kim and add in a cool sexy borg drone. (Harry Kim ended up living and Kes was written out because of Other Reasons).

So for the sexy borg drone, they cast Jeri Ryan, wife of Jack Ryan. She has to commute between Illinois (where Jack Ryan stays, to raise their son) and LA to play 7 of 9, which puts a strain on their marriage, and they end up getting divorced two years later.

After Voyager ends, Jack Ryan begins a political career and in 2004 wins the republican primary for an Illinois senate seat. His democrat opponent is an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama. Five months before the election, the Chicago Tribune convinces a California judge to release records from Jack Ryan’s custody case following his divorce from Jeri Ryan, which reveals that while their marriage was failing, he took her to sex clubs and pressured her to have sex in public. This scandal sinks his campaign, and he withdraws from the race, and is replaced by Alan Keyes, who loses badly. Obama becomes a senator, and uses his fame and influence from that role to become the democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and then the president.

Jack Ryan was polling decently against Obama before he dropped out of the race, and if Jeri Ryan hadn’t been cast in Voyager, he may have stayed married to her, meaning there’d be no scandal to tank his senate bid, and Obama wouldn’t have had his senate seat to springboard to the presidency.

So the meme should really be “Thanks ObamaSeven of Nine.”