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give me some headcanons about dragon tev and prince dante tho :D

  • Dante is the only person Tev will let sit on his piles of treasure.
  • They regularely have picnics at the underground lake in Tev’s lair
  • The guards in dante’s castle still don’t understand why that dragon hangs around. It’s a giant nusance. At least it moves when they shoo it.
  • Tev has only knocked dante over once when booping him w/ the snoot.
  • Dante falling asleep and waking up w/ a dragon curled around him is a regular occurrence

ok ok but what would tev do with a very excited and tied up dante tho? i’m talking extreme restraints, to where he’s basically hanging from restraints from the ceiling and quite immobile. He just kinda is staring very pointedly at Tev from the moment he enters but is just completely silent tho he’s probably busy undressing Tev w/ his eyes

Man I hope dante is ready for like hours of teasing, because that’s what he’s going to get. Especially since he can’t really squrim like that