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What are your character’s thoughts on Necromancy?

First and foremost: Necromancers are weird.

Tevruden spent a lot of time overseeing the necromancers raising people in Naxxramas, so most of his knowledge on it is practical. “How do you raise a ____ as a death knight,” what you need (body parts, reagents, time involved etc…) His theoretical knowledge is limited to whatever the necromancers would explain when they were talking at him.

That being said, he wouldn’t use anything major, like raising someone into undeath, on anyone who wasn’t willing. But he has no issues with using it against others in combat for an advantage, or controlling undead that have already been risen.

Happy Truthful Thursday! What are your character(s) thoughts on loyalty? How might they prove their loyalty to someone or a cause?

Tev feels it’s important from a combat perspective but I don’t think Tev would try to explicitly prove his loyalty. He has always felt that actions are more important than words, and he’d rather try to prove it through those than try to explain to someone that he was loyal. Tev would also probably do this without actually mentioning it to anyone in the first place.