Due to some unforeseen bills this month, commissions are open again!

  • I’ll do busts, waist-up, and chibis only.
  • I will allow one revision between the line and color stage just to make sure the character is how you want them to look
  • All prices are in USD
  • I will only accept payment upfront through PayPal
  • Turnaround time can take up to a month due to me working full-time. If I end up taking longer than a month, I’ll let you know!
  • Please provide the full name/physical description/personality of the character you want drawn. Picture references (screenshots, face claims, other artwork, whatever you think I’ll need to make sure I get your character as accurate as possible) are greatly appreciated
  • Characters can be from any fandom or completely original—whatever you want! I will draw anthro/monsters only if given clear picture references to work from
  • NSFW content allowed (blood, nudity, but please no gore)
  • All finished commissions will be posted on my blog—please do not repost
  • Please send all commission requests/inquiries/payment to my email:

I will be opening up five slots only and will update this post as they get filled.

Thank you all for your support!



Seems good for now. My first time doing this stuff so sorry if it’s not very professional.

If you want to contact me my email is

Here’s how it works:

– Email me with your commissions descriptionreferences of the characterany other info.

– I accept it, you pay (paypal only, sorry. I’ll send info in email), and I make the art.

– In case of quick paint, I’ll send you a sketch before you pay to see if you like the way it’s going to go.

What I’ll draw:

Anything really, except porn and ponies. Also fedoras. No fedoras.

Other Info:

– I’ll finish them roughly after a day since I accept it, hopefully. If I decide not to finishdrop it, I’ll give your money back.

– No refunds after it’s finished.

– Please don’t claim my art as your own etc.


Oh yeah, I forgot I also do lineart. It costs same as color sketch but add +8$ to base cost and +5$ for extras.