So apparently, the reason that wildstar, gw2, blizzard, and riot are all having trouble today is these assholes will find streamers and unless they write “lizard squad” on their foreheads, they DDOS whatever game they are playing.

The world we live in folks, krypp wouldn’t write some shit on his forehead for these morons/this moron and now no one can play wow.

Just incase anyone was wondering what was happening.

For very general reference, DDOSing is when someone remotely knocks out your connection by jamming and overwhelming it, destabilizing and stopping your online gameplay.  

DDOSing is a growing problem in the online gaming community.  It’s really easy to do and it can have a huge impact on the target player(s).  In this case players and streamers are basically having their games held hostage.

In WoW, people in the arena/PVP community are always at risk of DDOSing once they pass a certain rating bracket in rated play.  DDOSers can knock out enemy teams in the middle of a fight if things go south or even prevent teams from queueing at all.  

You’d think this would piss off more players but most of the community typically blames the victims for playing with unsavory people over skype. “Don’t play with DDOS scum next time!”  The problem with this is you don’t need to play directly with a DDOSer for your info reach them.  Many high rated players (mainly RBGers) have either played with a DDOSer before or otherwise benefited from DDOS activity.  It’s no surprise the community is quicker to blame the victims than the perpetrator so long as they benefit somehow. =/

DDOSers get away with it because their tampering falls outside of Blizzard’s control, therefore Blizzard usually won’t do anything about it.

Anyway, I don’t know how other PVP/competitive online gaming communities are, but this kind of scumbaggery is nothing new to WoW.  

They also get away with it because they use compromised computers and other things things like spoofing their IP address and bouncing off of servers so that if you want to find out who’s doing it you need to have access to the server reflecting the attack and the path that is carrying the packets to the reflected server from their actual origin while the attack is going on.

I should also mention that ‘attack the service your target is using’ isn’t a new tactic either. This has literally been a thing for decades. Basically since I was in high school in the late 90s