This was an interesting article to read. I think it’s a little simple but still fun to skim thru.

toni morrison eloquently discussed this very thing in 2004!

Thinking of yourself as a smol bean baby is a way of tapping out and expecting other people to fight on your behalf. It also makes you a more pliant consumer. Social media is awash with the idea that ‘it’s valid not to be productive’, as though productivity were the only manifestation of capitalism and streaming Disney+ all day is a form of resistance. It’s much rarer to encounter the idea that we have a responsibility about what we consume, or that satisfying our own desires whenever we want is not always a good thing: it’s like “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism” has morphed into “there is no unethical consumption under capitalism”.

Not to add to this post but this part spoke to me specifically

I get the point that the author is trying to make but that line about ADHD and object permanence ain’t it. I’m one of the adult-est adults I know, and my complaints that I can put something down and forget where it is, or draw a blank when I am asked where something is isn’t trying to trying to infantilze myself, its trying to deal with a frustration so common that it can happen multiple times an HOUR, and trying set expectations with people in “I won’t remember that, please write something down to reference later.”

So the idea that “People with ADHD just don’t have object permanence? Even babies have that. Grow up.” is an excuse for not taking responsibility is really just god damn annoying