Someone write an AU where Anduin is determined to become a paladin

Has all the skills to do so

But his father freaks out because the last paladin he was incredibly close to

Was the boy who he spend a good time of his youth with

And that ended very badly

Wow, that’s exactly the reason I figured Varian pushed more for the warrior thing, and less of the paladin thing. 

I bet Varian is also mysteriously absent when paladins are inducted at the Stormwind Cathedral. 

Yes, this!

(Arthas actually started to apologize profusely when he read this over my shoulder, to which Jaina responded with, “I swear by the Light if you don’t stop apologizing I will COUGH ON YOU.”)

I always figured Varian never pushed for Paladin, because by the time Anduin came to the Light, he was in the midst of accepting the fact that Anduin could never be a warrior.

i dunno arthas might have a couple things to keep apologizing about just saying

That’s what I thought too.

(Arthas saw this and said, “You have NO idea.”

The only problem with letting him start apologizing is that if he gets started he won’t. Fucking. STOP.)

I can understand that, and I sympathize, but allow me to offer a counter-argument:



What happened to Bolvar was–




*runs off*