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Hey, I sort of remember you posting about getting prints made once maybe, and was wondering if you had suggestions on where to get some made. I have some commissions I’d like to get printed and figured since you’ve gotten comms of Tev you might have experience with printing. If not then have a good day!

I have! Usually I just get them printed like photos. I’ll upload the image to shutterfly, pick the appropriate size and it’ll come in the mail a few days later. Sometimes I’ll have to crop a bit because the canvas isn’t exactly photo sized.

I don’t RP with you because I don’t really know you and I’m too shy to RP with people but I’ve been following for a long time and I love seeing Tev on my dash! Plus, my main character is a draenei hunter and honestly probably wouldn’t have much to do with Tev anyway unless it was an AU.

Tev’s actually pretty faction-neutral. He’s a knight of the Ebon Blade first and a member of the Horde second. Most of the reason he went Horde is because it sounded like he’d get to fight more in the horde than in the Alliance.

If playablable high elves were a thing there’d totally be a Quel’dorei Tev.