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Bark I read an awful Koltira/Thassarian fanfic last night. Tell me your thoughts on Death Knight intimacy.

Several things:

  1. I need to see this awful Koltira/Thassarian fanfic. You have my skype.
  2. Intimacy is difficult for Tevruden. Especially initiating it. It’s very hard for him to recognize that he’s feeling positive emotions in general. Whenever he does that sort of thing, beforehand the idea just sort of seems wrong, like he wasn’t made for it. It’s not really until he’s in the middle of it that he starts to feel comfortable, but he’s still really awkward about it. It really doesn’t happen that often, though it’s been happen more and more often in general. 
  3. I also have this super cute mental image of Tevruden lying awake at night holding a sleeping Feiyn.