i’ll stop reporting on the twitter dumpster fire when it stops delivering absolutely fucking BONKERS news, but:

can we talk about how a fake-but-verified twitter account for pharma giant eli lilly started a domino effect that tanked their fucking stock by billions of dollars

the stock for their competitors novo nordisk and sanofi is tanking too

again, to reiterate: billions of dollars

elon you stupid, silly cunt


not just ‘billions of dollars’

$16 billion specifically

Tweet from verified user Alejandra Caraballo that reads: "A single tweet from a verified impersonation account caused Eli Lilly to lose $16 billion in market cap. Tweets and news cycles can move markets. While I don't think anyone will shed a tear for Eli Lilly, this demonstrates how important social media safety is to companies."ALT

imagine getting fucking nuked like this by ONE TWEET

The fact that twitter can drive that sort of market change is insane but also, twitter can do that because: Eli Lilly has that sort of value to LOSE as they make it off the backs of people who need insulin to live

And fuck them for that, actually