listen i am not american. i understand that even democrats fucking suck and its a genuinely shitty situation to be in. im so sorry. but hey, hey look at me. why are you guys bullying people for saying “you should still vote blue?” Like im curious about the alternatives youve got. voting red? firebombing walmart? tumblr user catboyssepticbutthole, i know you will not be firebombing walmart.

you guys are falling into the “the revolution will fix everything” mindset and then not even occupying tv buildings or organising the coup or anything. youre just posting. Don’t encourage being complacent under the guise of encouraging revolution

There’s so many people in the notes saying “you can firebomb walmart AND vote :)” let me reiterate, none of us on this fucking website are gonna firebomb a walmart

I’m done with yall posers. get off tumblr and do it then idc

Re: firebombing a Walmart-

What is THAT supposed to accomplish?

The Walton family won’t be at a Walmart. You know who will? The people working and shopping there, who aren’t billionaires. You firebomb a Walmart, the people getting killed and injured are them, and the Walton family definitely won’t pay their medical bills.

Know what else the Walton family won’t do? Pay any employees of that store while the store is shut down. So you then have a bunch of people out of work who won’t be able to pay their bills, who probably don’t have enough savings to last them until they can find another job.

Shut up about firebombing Walmarts and volunteer at a damn soup kitchen.