Nope, they never interact. However, Onyxia was actively looking for a strong man to intwine into bloodline and Darion “was the second strongest DK only behind the Lich King” “made a mourneblade that rivaled one designed by the God of Warcraft in World of Warcraft” “ran 40 man Naxxramas with five people and lived” “turned himself into a tactical nuke when he died” Mograine sort of has a fatalistic loyalty towards people he has very unhealthy relationships with, and I’d think it would’ve been very funny if they had their chance.

It just spawned from a convo I had with @nighthaunting about Renault living because Darion gets lost.

Do know that I am not playing Dragonflight but I have been imagining onion supremacy where Onyxia Inflicts her boytoy on her half-brothers and nephew and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it :]

@renaultmograine Tbh the more i think about them the more they become a more perfect ship, too

Onyxia not only appreciates his war crimes but can fully match energy with Darion’s ‘loyal unto death’ obsessiveness about the people he loves.

Onion a win for Onyxia and Darion but a massive massive L for everyone else who ends up having to put up with them or gets in their way or says anything mean about ‘Lady Katrana’ where Darion might overhear it….and I love this for them 🥰