So you find a robodoc from the far future, but the only problem is that the battery is nearly dead. It says it can fix one problem, but then it will power off forever, and you gotta use it now, no saving it until you get cancer or something.

So what do you have it fix?

your brain

your teeth

your skin

your digestive system

your gender (instant transition!)

birth defect/missing limb

fix a sense: eyes, ears, taste, smell


other chronic disease

aging (you’re 18 again, but with any medical conditions you have now)

reproductive system (make you fertile or infertile)

fuck it, give me a tail and cat ears

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Only tail and ears?

I explained in another reblog! It can furryify you but it’s not up to the task of making you into a huge dragon or a taur. But pretty much anything vaguely humanoid is fair game.