I’ve been keeping an eye out for Bonescythe on the BMAH for my monk. 

A couple days ago I saw some but there was another monk there – a lvl60 twink who BEGGED me to let them have the Bonescythe pieces.  

I placed a bid anyway because fuck twinks and he went off on me, screaming about how he’s a GLADIATOR and how a scrub like me DOESNT UNDERSTAND PVP, etc.  Wat lol

Anyway I had to raid, and by the end of the night I had completely forgotten.  I guess he won it, whatever.

Tonight I signed on to raid and checked the BMAH beforehand on my paladin.  Bonescythe Chestpiece.. and sure enough, the twink was there waiting to bid.

So I bid on it.. with my paladin.

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Ahh yes, the sweet sweet tears of impotent rage.

Part of a balanced breakfast.