So by the looks of it, I have almost 100 followers on this silly IC blog for my warlock so I was thinking of stealing everyone’s idea and doing a little art give away for a mile marker that I totally havent hit yet! All the cool kids are doing it, I just want to fit in.

That being said, you obviously must be following this blog to be eligible to win, new and old followers count seeing as how I havent hit 100 yet. 

Reblogs and likes count as entries! But only one (1, seriously) reblog will count because I dont want you spamming this silly thing everywhere. Im all for advertising but there is a line to be drawn!

Now to what everyone wants to see.

BUT SAREENA, WHAT DO I GET IF I WIN? Well a pat on the back and told you are amazing. No, just kidding. You get a colored sketch from me!

So, I dont actually know what any of your art looks like, got any examples? I just so happen to have a few! (Look at all that spectacular work above! lolol)

I really dont like your art, you know. Why are you even here??

Anyhoo, I will be picking two winners with that random number generator on.. uhhh, Jan 1st, 2014!!! So share and like this post and all its goodness before then! 

Happy holidays to everyone and I will see you and draw pretty things for you after the new year! Yaaaaay!!