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The thing that really annoys me most about that terrible post about tumblr converting GIFs to mp4s is that the quality loss isn’t from the conversion of GIF to mp4 is when you took the h264/h265 video you started with, and turned it into a GIF!

If I could just upload the mpeg4 video or a webp file as an animated image to begin with, there would be so MUCH less loss in quality!

Tumblr and the No Good, Very Bad Idea


So. You might have heard the news that, as of July 12, Tumblr is testing out converting GIFs into looping MP4 videos to help pages load faster:

This is bad. Tumblr is the only mainstream site left where you can post GIFs and they’ll continue to be GIFs – well, sort of, as Tumblr previously tested and implemented turning GIF into GIFV with the same purpose, and it decreases the quality of the original GIF file. Turning them into MP4 videos is even worse.

GIFs are GIFs. They’re not videos. Creators spend hours making a GIF that will look good as a GIF, not as a video.

I hope I don’t need to explain to anyone why continuing to screw over creators is bad for a site like Tumblr, whose continued existence depends on creators not giving up on it, and why gif-making is important to fandom existence.

I for one will not continue to make any more gifsets if I know they’ll just be turned into MP4 files. It’s disappointing to spend my time making something and watch it become ugly once it’s uploaded – and that’s what is already happening without the MP4 conversion.


Don’t bother sending a support ticket! They will tell you to do what I’m about to tell you:

Send an ask or submission to @wip– the official “work in progress” blog of Tumblr where people can send in suggestions.

Their ask box is open every Monday from 6AM to 6PM EST.

The conversation isn’t over, guys, but it’s important to be a part of it. If you’re a creator or support creators (and you should), then set an alarm on Monday and go send them a message.

Actually I did some more research into the samples and I’m wrong about the VP8 vs MP4 part: They’re using VP8 lossless.

However, this means, OP still isn’t right about:

1) “decreases the quality of the original GIF file.”

It’s a lossless conversion between gif frames and VP8 frames. As long as it gets the decompression correct, the composting on the previous frame correct and the frame delay correct it’s going to be indistinguishable. (webp is better since it generally compresses better. Remember everyone complaining about the mobile app? File sizes are a part of this.)

I WAS going to say: “this doesn’t mean there’s any difference between a GIF and a webp file.  Because there’s a quirk in the way gif delay is calculated you can’t have a gif with a frame delay under 20ms delays get changed to delays of 100ms.”

But I just tested it and the delay converts correctly:

The frame timing is exactly 1:1 between webp and gif

2) “you can post GIFs and they’ll continue to be GIFs

No, they’re webp files. They’ve been webp files and not gifs for almost three years now.

I still think the OP do some actual research.  🙄

Test time

Test time







meme of a reddit wojack pointing and a frazzled wojack with bread, saying "omg somebody call security that homeless man is stealing bread" and three gigachads respond "huh? no he's not" "i don't see anything" and "imma keep it real with you bud, idk what you're talking about"ALT

working at a grocery store this is something i was so worried would happen, i cant stop someone from trying to feed themselves.

but it literally hasn’t happened. people steal fried chicken and pack steaks into a duffel bag. or they have me write on cakes for their coworkers birthday and run out the door with it. they eat chicken and dump the bones on a shelf they pay for the rest of their “groceries”.

i’ve never once seen anyone steal bread, or fruit, or vegetables, or cold chicken


We have free purified water but no they steal soda

so you’re saying it people are trying to feed themselves

How dare poor people eat things they enjoy rather than bland staples, the only thing they deserve

A little disappointed that this didn’t become a site-wide week-long discourse topic/meme fodder because it’s a discussion we’re way overdue to have

Like, let’s set aside the practical concerns, like how “unhealthy” food has more calories while taking up less bag space, people can’t survive on nothing but bread and water, many poor communities are food deserts where fresh food isn’t even available to steal, and many people (including the explicitly unhoused man in the meme) don’t have a way to prepare frozen chicken. Let’s set all that aside, because poor people aren’t required to justify every single action to you specifically

Instead let’s talk about the sheer undisguised hatred of the poor on display here. “The fried food at the grocery store is for me, because I’m a good special boy with money, if the filthy poors want to steal they can steal the dried gruel powder because that’s all they’re good enough for. Or they can have meat, I suppose, but only if it’s frozen meat that they’ll have to go heat up themselves to prove to me that they’ve earned it. And make sure they grab some raw vegetables that they’ll have to chop and cook themselves too, that’ll be a good use of their bountiful time and energy. If they wanted not to be miserable, they should have tried not being poor, like me!”

There is literally no justification for this shit. If you believe that stealing bread from a chain grocery store is a justified act that hurts no one, why the fuck would you feel different about steak? Why are you even thinking about this shit? Why are you sitting around fuming at the thought of poor people having anything that makes life worth living? What does it fucking matter to you?

How can you be heartless enough to look at a society where people have to steal in order to feed themselves and their families, and your biggest concern is about policing what they steal?

polarspaz:Snake Steeeveee~~~! I guess this is just an AU of Stranger Things were Steve gets turned into a naga for some dumb, bizarre reason. Maybe because of the Russia stuff in season 3? Anyway Steve has to hide out in Hopper’s cabin with El. Spending most of his day laying


Snake Steeeveee~~~!

 I guess this is just an AU of Stranger Things were Steve gets turned into a naga for some dumb, bizarre reason. Maybe because of the Russia stuff in season 3? Anyway Steve has to hide out in Hopper’s cabin with El. Spending most of his day laying in the sun, watching TV, and playing board games with El. They also start collecting comic books, Steve liking Iron Man and Batman, while El likes Superman and the X-men.

-The other kids come over every weekend and sleep over. Getting Steve, Max, and El, into a new D&D campaign. Steve only agrees because he’s bored out of his skull but also because Dustin gave him the biggest puppy eyes dog he had ever seen, which he won’t EVER tell the kid because that little shit already has him wrapped around his finger enough, thank you very much.

It’s funny cause Steve can’t roleplay for shit and the kids love getting him riled up whenever he has to roll the dice, but Steve finds that he’s actually enjoys the game, mostly because it makes the kids so damn happy.

-Steve conserves most of his energy, so he doesn’t have to eat that much. When he does move it bit sluggish. However if he gets into a fight he’s ridiculous quick, using all the energy he’s conserved to deliver a prefect deadly strike. His venom is especially potent to Demogorgon’s, killing them within minutes of a bite. It’s thankfully useless on human’s.

As for the plush snake, Dustin and Max found two of them when they went out shopping for an emergency. After an awkward moment of silence Dustin says “It kinda looks like Steve.” and Max after a beat replies, “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” Both making a silent pact of shared embarrassment as they both buy a plush and name it Steve.


Imho the idea of ‘cruelty free’ products or food shouldn’t mean that nothing died to create it, but rather that anything and anyone involved in the creation process hasn’t been exploited or harmed.

Leather is good actually. Veganism isn’t the end all be all to morality and consumption. The issue isn’t that a chicken died for those nuggets, but that while the chicken was alive, it’s life fucking sucked. Vegan chocolate means little if the cocoa that made it was gathered by child slave labor.

Factory farms, abuses of the people who pick the fruit and vegetables we eat, the focus profit and productivity over all else – that’s the fucking issue here. It’s capitalism folks.