Month: February 2023




what the shit is this shit?

a video is released today for “UK and rest of the world”, and it’s not going through youtube or anything like that, you just buy it from the creator’s webpage?

despite that, it’s not coming out in the US until APRIL?!

time to find out if they region-locked the credit cards or just the IP!

how strange, my IP address just became french

whoa that’s weird! it’s almost like an IP address is a number that identifies a station on a network and shouldn’t be used to infer location or identity!


Strallow TF with a few TF stages. This takes place in an universe where you can transform at the press of a button.

All works are mine.


Starting to figure out how to background skies. Heaven in my divided headworld constitutes an endless sky full of floating islands and towers that just keeps going up


230209 Oc – Tayena McKenzie

A character I made when I played TRPG Magika Rogia.
Her social status is that of a private detective, and her true form is that of a large wolf.
Using tobacco pipe, a symbolic item for detectives, I designed the illustration so that the true figure can be seen through the smoke. thank you!