A+ to that girl for getting vaccinated as soon as she was able.

Fuck those parents.

“im furious that my daughter didnt want to die from a preventable disease/make countless others sick!!!”

Teenage rebellion: getting your shots and being a responsible human being

anti vaxxers need to stop

Anti vaxxers deserve to get arrested for child endangerment.

like “how do i own my own child for making their own decisions”

I think it’s fine for the kid to get vaccinated if they want it.

But I do not understand this livid outrage at people who don’t want to have their children vaccinated.

It’s a well known fact that vaccines have included toxic substances like mercury and formaldehyde. It’s a well known fact that vaccines can contribute to the “toxic load” that exacerbates autism. This is not controversial.

If the pharmaceutical industry were more trustworthy, and doctor’s more competent, this would never have become an issue, so I can’t blame parents who want to protect their kids.

Don’t be a moral busybody sticking your nose into other people’s lives.

It is not a ‘well-known fact.’ The one piece of evidence that connects autism to vaccines has been discredited because the man purposely fudged the results just to get the controversial answer he wanted, and subsequently had his license revoked. There is nothing else proving that vaccines cause autism. Nothing. Nothing.

Certain vaccines may contain certain substances that may scare you, but they are watered down to such a state where they would not affect a child and are used for preservation. People who are afraid of this don’t know that this kind of stuff happens everywhere. Soft pretzels are made with sodium hydroxide. This substance can cause blindness and severe burns. But have you ever heard of someone going blind and getting chemical burns from eating a soft pretzel? No, you haven’t. It doesn’t happen, because it’s cooked properly.

You mentioned mercury– Vaccines used to be preserved using a mercury-containing ingredient in small doses that have studies proving that they are not harmful. But to be on the safe side, since 1999, the only vaccine to use this ingredient is the flu shot, and even then, there are flu shots you can get that lack this ingredient.

Formaldehyde is in vaccines in very small doses– .02 milligrams per dose. You may say ‘this is so much!! it’s a carcinogen!!!’ but did you know that all humans have formaldehyde in their system at all times? The substance is used to make keep the viruses inactive and ensure you don’t get sick, and in such a small quantity that you wouldn’t notice it. Even an 11-month-old baby has 1.1 milligrams in their body naturally at any given time, and this amount increases as we get older.

The problem you may not realize is that by not vaccinating your children, you are putting others at risk. Maybe you have not heard of the term ‘herd immunity.’ When you refuse to vaccinate your children, and when all your neighbors do it too, the herd immunity goes down, and the people who CANNOT get vaccinated (the very young, people with extreme allergies to things in the vaccine, sickly people, etc) have a higher chance of contracting the things the vaccines are meant to protect against. You are putting other people at risk when you do not vaccinate your children and yet still let them go to public places. This is why, in many places, you cannot put your children in public school if they are not vaccinated. They are an actual threat and jeopardize the health of other individuals.

You’re confused. I am not referring to the supposedly discredited doctor who advocated that vaccines cause autism, I am referring to the accepted consensus of those who treat autistism and the families of autistic children that vaccines contribute to the “toxic load” that exacerbates autism. These are two completely separate claims.

Also, unvaccinated individuals present no danger to vaccinated individuals, provided that these vaccines work.

“Herd immunity” is a red herring. If the medical establishment believes that vaccjnes are beneficial, then the pharmaceutical corporations that produce them should adding toxic substances. That way, people would feel safe giving them to their children.

And until these vaccines are safe and toxin free, it’s unreasonable to shame families who decline to use them, or to try and force them to vaccinate.

If this is such an accepted consensus you should have no problem linking multiple peer-reviewed studies that come to that conclusion. After all you are the one making this assertion, the burden of proof is on you. 



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