Ro’liath turned to the fellow knight, holding his coin pounch in a taloned gauntlet and seemingly studying it’s contents. Except there were none. He looked at Tevruden, offering a sheepish grin, “Got any uh, spare change?” He asked before turning his gaze back to the vendor whom was by now, tapping their foot.

Tevruden takes the bottle and refills his glass for the third time. “True, it is actually a bit more bitter than normal.” He then goes back to devouring the roast.

“If anything it sounds like Feiyn and Eros would make good drinking buddies. Feiyn is the the one always dragging me to bars.” Tevruden makes a face, “I once counted, and it took her 15 minutes to find the tavern after we reached the Horde post in Talador.”

Ro’liath wrinkled his nose, grin spreading as he listened to Tevruden speak. He poked at one of the steaks sitting in front of him before bringing the edge of his fork down against it and cutting off a bite, “By the Light, she’s fast,” He snorts, “When Eroseth lost his arm, the first thing he wanted to do was get drunk. I got him to sleep instead but later on he just ended up waking me up with his drunk stumbling.” He jabs the meat and shoves it into his mouth.

"I’m surprised, the way you speak you make it sound like you don’t like drinking,” He chews and swallows his bite, “Yet you’re downing glasses like they’re water. You know, maybe I just don’t have a tolerance for it, but I think what little I drank is making me nauseous. I doubt the chocolate mixes well.” He chuckles, raising his fork and stabbing another bite of steak into his mouth.

“I assume it is some sort of supernatural power, I did not know there were so many bars in all of Draenor."  Tevruden pauses for a moment, as he shrugs, ” It seems like if we ever get Feiyn and Eroseth together, they are going to run rampant through every bar in Azeroth.“ 

Tevruden makes another face “It is mostly bars I do not like.  Though, I will admit bar fights are fun.” he says, grinning a bit before looking at the other elf. “Right. I will remember to keep you away from the alcohol in the future. It’s not going to be any fun kicking your ass if I do it because you’re ill.”