Ro’liath turned to the fellow knight, holding his coin pounch in a taloned gauntlet and seemingly studying it’s contents. Except there were none. He looked at Tevruden, offering a sheepish grin, “Got any uh, spare change?” He asked before turning his gaze back to the vendor whom was by now, tapping their foot.


“Ahh. Been there. Shame that there wasn’t enough of it left to reattach it.” Tevruden says between mouthfuls of roast. It turned out that the roast really was very good, and the alcohol he was drinking with it, enhanced the flavor.   

“It works surprising well for getting you knocked on your ass drunk.” Tevruden grins “Assuming you win of course. Easier just to go out and slaughter something in the forest, and deal with my wounds that way, then wash up.” With that, he slides the bottle across the table. “Knock yourself out. Or well, don’t. I do not want to have to drag you through the streets of the city.”

"Well, it was moreso like if we didn’t amputate it he would’ve died. He got hit with an arrow poisoned against the dead. It ate at his flesh and spread quickly. There was no choice.” Ro’liath takes the bottle, raising it to his nose and grimacing.

Slowly he takes a sip of the drink, only to cough it up soon after, “Shit that’s…that’s something.” He shakes his head, loose strands of white hair whipping about his face, “I will kick your ass, you can count on it. Right after I gorge myself on brownies and meat.” Ro’liath takes a more adventurous chug of the booze, sighing harshly as it came off it.

“Makes sense.  You did say you were going to try to replace it anyway.” Tevruden shrugs. Since they were undead, it was not too much of a big deal to him. Body parts were easy enough to replace.

“It is not too bad.” Tevruden says, after taking a drink from his own glass. “Stronger than anything you would expect to find in Silvermoon, however.” He then slices some meat off the roast, stuffing it into his mouth and chewing for a moment. “Better than some stuff I have tasted, which could probably tell you how bad it was.”