Ro’liath turned to the fellow knight, holding his coin pounch in a taloned gauntlet and seemingly studying it’s contents. Except there were none. He looked at Tevruden, offering a sheepish grin, “Got any uh, spare change?” He asked before turning his gaze back to the vendor whom was by now, tapping their foot.

“With Feiyn, getting slugged sometimes means she is hot under the collar. It is not uncommon for her to kiss me right after that.” Tevruden says between bites of meat. He had already demolished half of his steak. He waves to the waiter dismissively, not even turning to look. “Just give me whatever has the most alcohol.” 

"I have found physical contact works best with Feiyn.” The elf reaches over and starts slicing a chunk of the fish. “Touching, hugging, kissing, whatever. She seems to like that.” He shoves a chunk of fish in his mouth. “Not bad. You should try it.”

Ro’liath pulls a face as the mention of alcohol but keeps shut about it, “Hmm well I figured everybody liked that kind of stuff.” He shugs casually, “I mean, Eros like it when I touch him, fel— I like bein’ touched. Feels good. But there’s different kind of stuff that gets you goin’.” 

He eyes the fish as Tevruden takes a bite, pursing his lips to the side and furrowing his brow. He generally didn’t like fish, but it sure as fel smelled good. He leans forward, “Gimme a bite,” He says before opening his mouth, as if expecting the other to feed him.

Tevruden shrugs “Of course. It is just extra fun to use those things to tease her. And yes, if she punches me, it just makes the ‘fight’ later more interesting.” 

The elf stabs a big chunk of the fish and leans across the table and stuffs the chunk of fish in the other knight’s mouth. He then stabs one of the brownies in the center of the table with the fork “Payment.” Tevruden mentions before stuffing the brownie into his mouth.