Ro’liath turned to the fellow knight, holding his coin pounch in a taloned gauntlet and seemingly studying it’s contents. Except there were none. He looked at Tevruden, offering a sheepish grin, “Got any uh, spare change?” He asked before turning his gaze back to the vendor whom was by now, tapping their foot.

He shrugs, “Do you know that rush you feel when fighting something challenging? It’s that. I would not actually injure Feiyn. I have no desire to go full out herald of the Lich King in bed.” The larger death knight stops eating for a moment and grins. “That depends. Are you going to sweet talk me when you punch me?”

Tevruden reaches over and cuts a large hunk of meat off of the roast, and sets it down on his plate. He pulls off a smaller piece and stuffs it in his mouth chewing. “Not bad. Remind me to get an order of that the next time the waiter comes around.”

Ro’liath tented his fingers over his nose, eyeing Tevruden precariously, “I just might, I mean you did buy me dinner.” He arches a brow, “We’ll see where the night takes us, I just might give you two good slugs.” He pulls his hands away, revealing a shit-eating grin.

The knight plucks up his fork and stabs at his steak once more, hoisting it to his mouth and tearing off a bite. He chews a moment, sighing through his nose before swallowing.

By that time the waiter was returning with their drinks, “H-here you are sirs…” He mutters nervously and sets down Ro’liath’s cola and Tevruden’s alcohol respectively, before turning to the larger of the knights, “Uhm s-sir… We didn’t know how strong you wanted your drink so we just gave you our s-strongest. I hope it pleases you… we can bring you the bottle upon request.”

“Wow, I knew we’re scary but Tev you make the poor guy’s willy shrink.” Ro’liath snickers, eyeing the waiter, amused.

“Now now Ro’laith, I doubt the restaurant owners are going to want to add property damage to the list of things they’re going to have to deal with once we’re done here. At least wait until we’re outside." Picking up the rest of the roast he took, Tevruden manages to finish it off in a few bites, then starts on finishing up the steak.

"That is what I asked for, is it not? Bring the bottle, and one of those roasts he ordered.” Tevruden manages to drain half the glass in a single sip “The annoying thing about being dead, is that I can probably drink all of this, and barely feel buzzed.”

“It’s almost too easy. I do not even have to threaten him.”