Ro’liath turned to the fellow knight, holding his coin pounch in a taloned gauntlet and seemingly studying it’s contents. Except there were none. He looked at Tevruden, offering a sheepish grin, “Got any uh, spare change?” He asked before turning his gaze back to the vendor whom was by now, tapping their foot.

Tevruden didn’t bother to wait for them to finish putting the dishes on the table and has already cut into one of the steaks placed in front of them. “It is almost as good as what I remember. But that might just be because I am dead now. Almost raw, too.” 

“Embarrassed kissing in public?  I have noticed Feiyn gets… flustered easily I guess, but I have never thought to try that in public.” Tevruden gives a half shrug and shoves another piece of meat in his mouth, chewing it briefly before gulping it down; one of the many advantages of being powered by Scourge magic over having a functional digestive system. “What else do you do to tease him?

"Mmf—” Ro’liath nodded at Tevruden’s question, shoving a forkful of roast into his mouth. It was so tender, it practically fell apart, a good roast by that standard. He swallowed hard before looking around, there was nothing to drink, “I mean, there are two possible reactions from it. You could either get slugged good or…you can get them all hot under the collar,” Ro’liath gave an open mouthed smile at the thought about it before waving the waiter over, “Waiter, we forgot to get drinks. Kaja-cola for me, virgin’s blood for my friend.” He snickered, “No really, what do you want Tev?”

Once their order was taken and the waiter had scurried off, Ro’liath turned his gaze back on the knight across from him. He plucked a brownie off the tray in the middle, “Erm, well I could go into detail but we’re in public and it starts getting rather saucy but— he likes it when I talk dirty to him. Or at least I think he does. Whisper those sultry things in his ear and he’s like butter in my hands.” He mutters, shoving the brownie into his mouth.

“With Feiyn, getting slugged sometimes means she is hot under the collar. It is not uncommon for her to kiss me right after that.” Tevruden says between bites of meat. He had already demolished half of his steak. He waves to the waiter dismissively, not even turning to look. “Just give me whatever has the most alcohol." 

"I have found physical contact works best with Feiyn.” The elf reaches over and starts slicing a chunk of the fish. “Touching, hugging, kissing, whatever. She seems to like that.” He shoves a chunk of fish in his mouth. “Not bad. You should try it.”