“Make sure to turn the— Varaelian stopped his words as cool arms had come across his sides and wrapped around his waist, "W-what on Aze—- Tevruden, what are you doing?”

“Hugging you." 

"F-first of all, you don’t hug friends like this.” He tried pulling his hands away but they only seemed to grip tighter, pulling him closer, “Tevruden!" 

"Who says I wanted to merely be a friend to you?” Tev clapsed at his chin, turning the paladin’s head carefully to see him, “Am I not allowed to be more?”

Van’s face grew hot, red staining his tanned cheeks, “Tev! Stop!” He whined as the death knight came closer. 

As they came into contact, he could hear himself scream and suddenly shot up out of bed, his eyes opened like a shot, “Oh thank the Light it was a dream..” 

“Oh. Nilhandril, you’re awake.” Tevruden glanced over from his book, “About tim— What?”

Van shrieked at the first sound of his voice, falling from the bed halfway and groaning, “Tevruden! CAN’T YOU JUST WAIT IN THE GUEST ROOM LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” 

“Be grateful I did not wear my armor. Secondly, I came because I was concerned. No need to shout."