Again, this is very, very, VERY well established lore and writing. But telling them to go back and completely, 100% rewrite the Blood Elf lore just so that they can be EoC (Elves of Color, geddit?) is, again, insulting as shit to the writers. This shit has been established for over 20 years, it’d be like telling JK Rowling to go back and make Harry/Ron/Hermione PoC just for the sake of inclusion.

Yeah it’d also be shitty if they reconned the lore so that Sargeras corrupted the Eredar instead of the other way— 


What’s that?

You mean they actually say Sargeras corrupted the Eredar instead of the other way around?

And that Onyxia wasn’t defeated by a team of 40 adventures but by King Varian Wrynn?

They’ve already retconned major parts of the lore!?

When the fuck did that happen!?

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