Get a little sketch of your World of Warcraft character! Now with my most recent examples! <3

For $30, I will sketch a portrait of your toon like shown above!

**Please completely read through this before reaching out to me c:

>I only accept paypal. Unlimited slots unless I state otherwise!

> I only do shoulder on up. I will not draw hands or anything below the shoulders!

>Nothing too NSFW/explicit. Nudity is fine, though nothing will be shown. The default will be topless unless you request some simple clothing 🙂 Keep in mind I am not too good on anthro/animal characters, though I can try!

> I will only do one toon per piece!

>I will only make MINOR edits on these. You will not see the progress since these are only quick cheap commissions.

>You may request simple accessories, such as jewelry, tatts, clothing, free of charge! I will not do anything too complicated, which is why it’s important I get all the info I need regarding the physical appearance of your toon!

>You may request an alternative version for an extra $5. (Mask/no mask, void form/normal form, etc)

> I am open to doing characters from other fandoms, such as Skyrim, Dragon Age, DnD, etc.

> Please please PLEASE have your references ready in advance if you are planning to get one of these! This includes any art,  face claims,  references,  hairstyles,  jewelry,  tattoos,  skin/hair/eye colors,  clothing,  scarring,  and the general ‘vibe’ you’d like the piece to have. As much physical detail as you can!!

Reminder that these can take me a few days to about 2 weeks to finish! 🙂

Hi guys I am out of money and very stressed and could use a bit extra cash atm :’)

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