Tonight, luckily at the end of the night, this person from <House Rosedawn> came to rp at the Beach Bash. If you’re not familiar with the guild, it’s member was caught openly flaunting neo-nazi imagery and ideals, and its GM defended the member’s actions as “OOC political affiliations which don’t affect IC”.

The organizers of the party, myself included, asked this person to leave, to which they responded that to ask them to leave was oppressing them and doing The Exact Same Thing as the nazi party we so dislike. We beg to differ. So here’s our unedited conversation for your perusal, feel free to draw conclusions from it yourselves.

And to House Rosedawn, you are not welcome at our parties. Those who allow nazi ideals in their friend groups, their communities, and even their pretendy fun times, are condoning that violence and hatred. And no, hating nazis and not allowing them at MY event does not make me a nazi.

Cheers, your Jewish host.

I still can’t believe that this guy had the gall to come to a friendly inclusive event wearing the name of a nazi-associated guild, refused to leave when we asked politely, and then accused us of being the nazis.

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