World of Warcraft: Children’s Week 2018 (part 1)

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OH NO this year’s comic is a little too big for one post and too big for one day! The next part will be posted tomorrow!

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Part 1 is mostly about them running into Salandria, the little orphan girl from previous year’s comics.  For years I drew her as a tiny baby child even though she should at least been in her teens by now, so I finally addressed that somewhat..? I say she’s 12 for no reason except that WoW timeline/elf aging makes no sense anyway so hey she’s just 12 lol.  Who is Edi?? You’ll meet him soon!

Folks in my patreon know how busy I’ve been trying to get this whole thing finished and how I’ve bitten off quite a lot more than I usually do, so unfortunately I cannot post the entire comic today.. because it’s not finished yet. SO this is part 1 of 4. 

Any typos or bad lines etc. happened because I am VERY tired lol.  

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This comic looks MUCH better on Tapas!  I also have the whole Children’s Week series posted there for easy viewing.  

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