Celebrating Mermay with a new adoptable character event! Instead of eggs, predetermined prompts, or a calendar, I will be making free-form merfolk character designs for you to use as you like based on short descriptions from you!

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having one good fishy boy/girl/pal for your own, or you need a shimmery scaly friendo to fill a gap in your vast collection! Either way, Mermay is the perfect time of year to grab a new merfolk character!

You can use these designs for anything personal, like roleplay, or commissioned artwork. The only thing you cannot do is profit off the design in any way. Designs may be resold for the cost you paid for them, or traded for equal value.

For $50USD, I will design a character for you based on the following information:

  • Character gender:
  • Body Type:
  • 1-3 Details you’d like incorporated into the design (long hair, lots of piercings, tribal clothing, etc.)

And you will get:

  • 1 character design
  • 1 transparent version
  • 1 simple stock background version

Email me the completed form at with the subject “Mermay Adopt”. If I accept your proposal, I’ll shoot you a confirmation email and then you can send payment via Paypal or (the latter really helps me out, because has no fees!)

Feel free to message me with any questions!

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