me: please can you just… give me some LGBT representation … there is nothing …. im begging you… just one gay.. one…

blizzard, holding me by the throat over a steep cliff: no, and the punishment you are about to face for even daring to ask will shake you and your fellow homosexuals entire fucking world

Guess you’ve never done any of the Legion enchanting quests. Granted it’s not a major character, but with the quest ( you’re helping two female night elves get back to one another. They’re gay. It’s a start?!

I have actually, and i’m sorry to say this but two minor side characters in a profession side questline that the majority has never heard of is not representation and blizzard (as a HUGE company that makes MASSIVE amounts of money worldwide, and whose fanbase consists of a HUGE GIGANTIC amount of lgbt+ players) has absolutely no excuse whatsoever to not include any gay or trans characters etc. literally its as simple as that. 

Their flimsy and pathetic excuse of gay characters “not fitting in the story” is actually just homophobic and the dumbest thing ive ever heard and i will crush anyone who agrees with that under my giant boot like the ants that they are. would make absolutely no difference to the storyline or actual plot to have gay MAIN characters. 

“we put two hyper-minor lesbian characters into a profession-locked quest chain also they’re both dead and ghosts”

“we wrote an implied m/m relationship for a comedy character in a harlequin-romance parody item that you can only stumble upon by chance for laughs”

Ah yes a single enchanting profession quest. Meanwhile I had to deal with Tyrande and Malfurion through half of Val’sharah

It’s totally representation yeah ok

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