Hey everybody! This SUPER sucks to type up, but I could use your support! My little boy Edgar, who was gifted to me as a blessing from a beautiful angel ( @cat-bat ) isn’t doing so hot. He has to stay overnight at the vet’s right now because the last few days, he hasn’t been eating and has been throwing up bile. After some xrays and blood work, they found his colon is blocked and his stomach is completely empty, along with being super dehydrated. On top of being a distraught cat mom, we are also stuck with a surprise $1k plus vet bill.

We are fortunate enough to be able to pay it upfront but it seriously hurt us financially. 

So! I will be offering some traditional commissions! Y’all usually like these and I love doing ‘em, so if you’re interested, shoot me an email: 

d.early8760 (@)

Subject: Edgar 

 These will be inked with accents, either paint pen or gel, and mailed out to your beautiful little hands, shipping included in the low price of $20, for original frameable art of your gorgeous ocs! I will take ‘em from Warcraft, Overwatch, Final Fantasy, Wildstar, your fandom is my business.

 Thanks again so much! If you aren’t able to commission and still would like to help me out, i do have a ko-fi HERE and you can help share this post!

Hey guys!  A few years ago,  my sickly cat Edgar had to have all of his teeth removed and you guys helped me immensely by doing PWYW sketch commissions to raise funds for his vet bill.

 Since then,  he and @dinnasaw bonded hardcore and now he is her cat.  However,  the poor little sick boy had a whopper of of a vet visit.

 If you get a commission from @dinnasaw I will throw in a mini print in your delivery!  If you get multiple,  I’ll throw in a free sketch as well! (She’s my roomie so it’ll all come in the same delivery! )

Every bit helps, even if it’s just a reblog or a few bucks to her Ko Fi!

Thank you all so much!

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