Hi, I’m open for commissions! Figured I should whip up a proper post finally, so here it is!

Simple backgrounds like the one in the shaded bust example cost about 2 euros extra, so unless told otherwise I will not add one.
Complex armor costs 5 euros more and each additional character adds 10 euros to the original price.

Please shoot me a message via DM if you’re interested!
I heavily prefer being paid in advance, for that I am also ready to show progress of the commission, if desired, so please let me know beforehand as I generally try to finish commissions asap!

What I will draw:
– Anything from monsters, furries, to humans
– Nudity, though nothing explicitly sexual

What I won’t draw:
– Any heavy NSFW
– Complex robots/robotics
– Incest
– Pedophilia
– Fetishes
  You get the idea

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