Lakshmi sketch for a client

Any particular reason why the Indian goddess of wealth is being shown as whiter than my fucking teeth?

This is a FFXIV character. That’s her actual design. If you want to argue, contact Square Enix, but don’t bash the OP for using her canon design. 
You would have known that if you looked up in the tags and reblogs of this post for a second before writing this angry comment. Envanyell actually wrote an entire paragraph explaining this.
That’s a gorgeous drawing, so please don’t hijack the post to talk about things that actually have nothing to do with the fanart.

Hey here’s a thought: maybe if a source material is super racist (in this case, whitewashing Indian gods), then maybe when people make art of it they can make the art non racist and color them properly? Perfectly drawing a racist source material creates a racist drawing! This contributes to the whitewashing of my culture! If you think that has nothing to do with the fanart then lmao.

FF games (among so many others) have always been using all kinds of mythologies for their bestiary. FFXIV is no exception. Do i think Lakshmi would have looked better if she was portrayed as a PoC in the game ? Yes, I do too.

But these characters AREN’T the actual gods. They are only inspired by the mythologies they are taken from. The FF character Gilgamesh is portrayed as a kabuki giant when he’s actually inspired from sumerian myths. Doesn’t look the same at all, right ? Enkidu is a freaking green chicken in FFXIV. If you looked up the other deities used in these games, you would have seen how far they are from their actual inspiration. These characters are FFXIV characters, and not meant to represent the actual deities and they never pretended to. They just have the same name, which isn’t forbidden. This ISN’T the Hindu goddess.

You just can’t be mad about an artist who draws a character with their canon design (especially when it’s a commission, they don’t have full freedom to do what they want). If you don’t like this design, that’s totally your right ! I would have understand your anger if the character was actually whitewashed. But the character in FFXIV is white, so she isn’t, the artist is just using her CANON DESIGN. You can’t FORCE someone to draw as you please. The OP never pretended to draw the actual goddess, they were very clear that it was the FFXIV character. If you want the artist to draw her as you want, commission them. Again, you can’t blame them for drawing the character as she looks in the game.

I understand why you don’t like the FFXIV design, but that really doesn’t justify your rudeness towards the artist. You don’t seem open to discussion seeing how defensive you are on your blog so I guess I’ll stop there.

Hey did you know the very post that you linked to in your last reblog says the opposite of what you’re saying right now? That they’re meant to be the actual deities from different religions and they’re wreaking havoc on the world and your quest is to destroy them to save the world? That’s all fine, I love stories taking down the gods and fighting against organized religion messages and stuff. But now you’re saying that she’s not at all the Indian goddess and she’s not meant to represent her and she’s her own completely separate character and therefore it’s perfectly ok for to be white. Ok.

I was commissioned to draw this character. 

Feel free to pay me for custom art that fits your preferences 

Lmao why would I commission an artist who supports whitewashing. Sorry. Try a different person more ok with their culture being erased. Or, perhaps, stop supporting whitewashing.

Given your attitude I’m pretty sure they wouldn‘t actually take your commission  anyway

And danni is perfectly capable of drawing a character with a dark skintone without whitewashing


when the commissioner asks for this.

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