Okay, so a lot of people know we host the Menagerie Boutique every Wednesday evening, 6-8pm WrA time in the Court of the Sun near the Spire by the trainers.  We’ve been doing this for nearly a year now!

I’m greeting for the evening, directing folks (I’m Dicenne), and this group comes and starts RPing LITERALLY right in front of the Boutique, right in front of and then behind us.  Where we put our flags and greet people as they walk in, you can see that in the bottom screenie.  That’s me standing there next to Lynesse in front of the flag.

The top shot is to show the timestamp of when this started, you can see RP was happening, I was directing someone to chocolate.  This starts at about 6:45pm WrA time (I’m eastern timezone, hence the 9:45pm timestamp)

We ask them IC and OoC to move their RP, they are capturing someone and LITERALLY KILLING HER AT OUR EVENT.   Yes, they killed someone at our Boutique event and were there for about an hour doing this as you can see from the timestamps.

The bottom shot is from my Listener add-on, it’s the snooper window for that character in particular where she says ‘we’re not crashing anyone’s event’ and obviously are.  You know you are.  

If you would like to avoid these people,
here are their names and guilds:

Wings of the Seraphim (guild)
Kellaeri – She is apparently the GM!

Gold Tusk Krakens (guild)

Relyndria  – (unguilded)

*I have many more screenshots, I just didn’t want to clog the dash.  You get the idea*

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