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I will be taking on long-term commissions, any and all content; for
the foreseeable future. All commissions will be finished quickly,
depending on
complexity and workload. I will keep in constant contact with you,
providing WIPS of
my work and requesting feedback.

If you’re fine with paying up front, it will help me get to my hometown where my parents live. I just need funds to help … stabilize my situation. Due to not having a job where I’m moving, this will be my income for the time being.

As much as I don’t want to go back to Iowa, I cannot financially survive here in Oregon. If I cannot get the funds I need, I will have to butcher my computer (take out the hard drives) and sell everything I can’t travel with to a pawn shop and just get a train ticket. :C

To discuss commissions, email me at!

If you are unable to commission me, please consider becoming a Patron on Patreon, or reblog this post. Thank you!

Everyone who grabs art from s-intent will get entered into a draw for a free FULL BODY art by me~ Help my bud out!

Edit: ‘grabs art’ means actually buying some!  He needs more bites to get safely home again with kitty and gecko!

I don’t like to beg, but my time is running out here and I’m going to be short what I need for my bus+train ticket, even with scrapping my pc and selling parts. I need that to get to a stable place. My parents can’t help me in any financial way.

I will offer full body, full paintings for much cheaper if I have to. I will offer a custom painting canvas for 150.

I need the money before hand to contribute to the cost of the ticket. I have only gotten a single, partial bite so far.

@littleliongod is even setting up a raffle of art to those who help. Please.

Still have many slots left.

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