I have them rarely open so here is your chance!  

I will at max have 3 slots open but I will start off with only 1 slot for now and then do the rest if I got time left.

My commissions are open around a week or until I have enough to pic between, as I only choose the ones that interest me most. I will respond to all mails when I close up and let you know if you got a spot or not.

All commission requests should be sent to

with the character refs, include what you would like and with any important details.

Please do NOT tell me to hurry up, neither do I accept deadlines. I work as swiftly as I can and need my time for best possible result. I too have work and a life next to drawing so please respect that.

I usually spendt 2-4 weeks on a piece. depending on details, other work etc. Feel free to ask for any art update and I will send a screenshot.

General Info!

I can draw:

– Human’s/ Dragon’s/ Animals

– Nude/ Modest erotica/ Pin-up

– Mild Violence/ Gore

I will not Draw:

– Weird sexual act’s or fetishes 

– Purely mechanic things- Pixel Art

– Anthro- Real people/celeberties

PLEASE NOTE YOURSELF! Terms and conditions.

  • Must have reference picture of your character!
  • Paypal only!
  • Start drawing when payed. You MUST agree to send all payment in advance. Please DO NOT send the payment until i have told you to do so.
  • I may refuse to draw certain things.
  • Gianara keeps ALL RIGHTS to the sold art. You may only use your purchased art for personal/private use. Commercial use without permission is ILLEGAL.
  • Additional fees may be charged for characters with highly detailed armor and/or features.
  • You are agreeing to these terms, as well as international copyright laws when commissioning me.

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