Awesome dad teaches other dads how to do their daughters’ hair

Best thing ever in the history of ever.

today in “man is celebrated for doing the bare minimum” news

look at how bored some of those girls are it’s hilarious

someone save these poor kids from their mediocre dads who are probably ripping half their hair out with their nonsense

some of yall are so mean lmfao like these are single fathers trying to be closer to their daughters and learn how to take care of them like Do You Really Have To Be Snooty About This, Ugly


Both my dad and stepdad were champs at braiding my approximately 2.5 feet of hair when I was growing up. My stepdad was the most gentle person with a hairbrush, where my mom always yanked and pulled to the point where I was almost in tears. My dad still mails me fancy new hair products to try that I’d never feel comfortable splurging on for myself. Good on these dads, honestly. 💕

“look at how bored some of those girls are” have you even considered that these girls are being recorded, which is pretty anxiety-inducing and what they’re actually doing is avoiding the camera?

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