When words fail, there’s a GIF for that. Find your Perfect GIF now.

i feel like this ties back to that other post with the tyler oakley gif/analysis. like sure 4/5 of these gifs are about sleeping/waking up/alarms but ? that is not how gifs are used with the Hip Youth now? this is a much too literal interpretation. when words fail me i’m not going to turn to a gif that is exactly what happened to me. that doesn’t raise the common experience to a new level. everyone has had this feeling so you have to find a new way to express it that is equally as relatable, but has the benefit of being new and humorous. or, alternatively, reviving an old ~relatable gif (or, honestly, a reaction picture, because who uses gifs anymore), which then relies on background knowledge to add an extra dash of humor 

for example:

when you sleep through your alarm



when you sleep through your alarm


even better is when you can revive a well-known meme to emphasize your point. for example:

when your alarm doesn’t go off


this requires knowledge of the meme’s previous life, giving context as to why exactly it is funny in the first place, for the viewer to find its inclusion in the current post equally as humorous

once again the Marketing Adults™

fail to fully understand the language of reaction 

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