i don’t care if it’s 500 fucking dragons, that’s still a pittance compared to how many PCs exist. dragons weren’t put in the game to be some commonplace trash mob. they’re raid bosses for a reason. they’re fucking dragons for fuck’s sake.

Well that’s provably wrong with like five minutes of research:

Here’s a list of all the hostile dragon NPCs who aren’t bosses:


Here’s part of the list of the 47 dragons who are instance bosses:


There are literally thousands of dragonkin NPCs in the game:


There are, in fact, 3x more dragonkin NPCs in the game than there are argent crusade defenders in the Battle for Lights Hope Chapel (There were 300 defenders of the light opposing 10,000 Scourge) Meanwhile I don’t see anyone saying that Argent Crusade RP is unrealistic because there “just aren’t that many paladins.” But hey, you continue playing your ~special snowflake~ paladin.

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