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DK’s with Frostbrood buddies 5ever <3
#Evan has a dead dragon friend#tho she tends to chill out in northrend#she visits sometimes#tho she desguises herself#can’t have a massive frost dragon wandering about#people might flip their shit

Tevruden raised Kyragos while he was still a part of the Scourge as a competence test. (He was the one Tev rode in the one quest in the DK starting zone.) After Arthas was killed, Tev released Kyragos from his service, but both of them are butts and Kyragos basically followed Tev around Northrend for a month until Tev agreed to take him on as basically his squire.

Despite both of them being butts, Kyragos has a way better attitude than Tev.

Bonus picture:


(Kyragos when taking humanoid form, looks like he’s in his late teens early twenties for an elf, and is maybe 5-5½ft.)

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